Protect legs from injury with these purple Limbkeepers
Leg protectors for fragile skin olive colour
Black leg protection sleeves
Frail skin protectors in khaki
Navy blue leg protection for fragile shins and legs
leg protection sleeves in royal blue bu Limbkeepers australia
Leg protector sleeves in white

Leg Sleeves Regular/Heavy Weight. Protect fragile frail skin on legs, diabetes help too (pair)

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Outdoor activities including bush walking, hiking, rock climbing, cycling or any sport or outdoor activity can often lead to bruised, scratched or cut legs.

Our shins and knees are especially vunerable to injury from everyday activities. The skin on our shins is very thin, and as we get older it becomes weaker, thinner and more fragile. Limbkeepers help to protect legs from injury and skin tears - they are a simple and easy precaution we should all be taking if we have frail or ageing skin

Use Limbkeepers leg sleeves with confidence.

 Our regular weight leg sleeves have no seams to irritate skin and will also keep legs warm in winter too! Pick your favourite colour :-)

Fabric Details:

89% Polypropylene
8% Nylon
2% Lycra® Spandex
1% Elastic
Learn more about our fabric.

ONE SIZE – length 15″

Fits calf circumference up to 16″


Care Instructions
Machine wash warm or cold with like colours, no bleach. Tumble dry low heat or air dry