Limbkeeper thin skin protector testimonials

"I have tried many different brands in my years as nurse. I have never found a cover for limbs that works until I found Limbkeepers."

—  - Fran R. New Britain, CT

"To say Limbkeepers performed well would be an understatement. I’d say they were exceptional."

Jeffrey Wolf, Hamden CT

Limbkeepers in our facility as a way to decrease injuries to our elderly population’s fragile skin. We saw a significant decrease in both bruises and skin tears to patients’ limbs."

Peggy L., Cromwell CT

"Not only do you have a great product to sell, but your customer service is really pretty special."

—  Joan S., Everman, TX

"Having Raynaud's disease and having to wear a leotard makes training in winter difficult. Thank you for making such an amazing product that I can work out in!"

Kristle Lowell, US Team World Champion Gymnast

I am so happy to have found these products! I have been praying for a solution to my hand & arm pain.

—  Rosanne, Latrobe PA

"Love the fabric, fit and feel of everything. Thank you so much. My hands have never been so simultaneously warm and able to function."

Leanne, Victoria Australia

I live in Texas and yes, it is 100 degrees plus. But I found that if I keep the Limbkeepers wet, I can stay cool and protect my skin.

—  Pat, Austin TX

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