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Limbkeepers arm and leg sleeves 

Limbkeepers TGA Registration


Perfect for running, cycling, yoga and gymnastics. They provide outstanding comfort and breathability for even the sweatiest of work outs. The yarns used in Limbkeepers are used in pro sport socks and apparel.

High Quality Fabric

Limbkeepers Fabric
  • Polypropylene. A superior moisture management lightweight synthetic fiber; breathable, yet retains warmth when it’s cold and coolness when it’s warm.
  • CoolMax® Polyester. A high performance polyester made from recycled plastic. Well known for its ability to move moisture away from the skin with an inherent resistance to fading and shrinkage.
  • Lycra® Spandex. Provides four-way stretch and recovery to enhance formfitting comfort
  • Nylon. Provides durability, quick-drying and easy to wash. Well known for its strength and stretch.
  • Elastic. Provides extreme stretch and recovery.


Limbkeepers are rated at UPF50+ Sun ProtectionSUN PROTECTION RATING UPF 50+.  Limbkeepers  protect your arms and legs from the sun’s harmful damage, giving your arms some much needed relief from those harmful ultraviolet rays. Tested by the American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists (AATCC) to AATCC 183 which is recognised worldwide.   More Testing Details....

STRETCH. Limbkeepers have four-way stretch for the perfect fit every time, adding style, colour and functionality to every workout wardrobe 

SIZE & FIT. Limbkeepers arm and leg sleeves have been designed so one size fits most and are available in a variety of colours.

WARMTH. Limbkeepers  sleeves add warmth to your arms or legs in the cold autumn or winter when you're climbing, exercising, or enjoying other daily activities.

Limbkeepers are also widely used to protect frail skin from skin tears in the elderly click here for more details...

Limbkeepers protect sensitive thin skin from tears, cuts and bruising especially as we age. Use in the garden, around the house & more. Limbkeepers protect skin for many people, including Bird Watchers, Farmers, Gardeners, Auto Mechanics, Baggage Handlers, Kitchen Hands, Factory Workers, Packing Depts., Emergency Services, Veterinarians, Dog Groomers, Construction Workers, Gymnasts, Athletes, Dancers, Cleaners, Elderly Thinning Skin - in fact anyone that needs to protect their arms, legs or hands. Great for tattoo coverups too!  Lets stop skin tears today!

Our skin protectors are seamless and have four-way stretch for the perfect fit every time, adding style, colour and functionality to every workout wardrobe. Having no seams they are incredibly comfortable to wear, and having CoolMax® Polyester in the fabric they have excellent moisture wicking properties.

Limbkeepers are Made IN USA to ensure top quality in manufacture - every pair


Limbkeepers inventor speaks to the manufacturing manager
Made in America
Factory in the USA
Some of the many uses for Limbkeepers - Gymnastics - Outdoor Activities - Gardening - Bush Walking -  Cycling - Exercising - and anywhere limbs need covering and protecting!
Limbkeepers Arm Sleeves For Cyclists
Bushwalking Wearing Limbkeepers Leg Sleeves
Limbkeepers arm sleeves for golf
Leg Protection For Gardening
Arm and hand protection when exercising
Limbkeepers used in a workshop to protect arms
Protect your arms from the sun and damage

All outdoors activities need Limbkeepers