Khaki skin protection sleeve for full arm
Full Arm Sleeves Royal Blue colour
Sleeve for full arm in purple-nice!
protection for the skin with this full arm sleeve olive
blue skin protector full arm sleeve
Full arm protector black
protect fragile skin with this white arm protector
UPF 50+ protects frail skin from the Sun

Full Arm Sleeves Regular/Heavy Weight frail skin protection (pair)

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Limbkeeper full arm sleeves

Limbkeepers are ideal for IV / PICC line site protection, abrasions and chafing, picking and scratching, in fact any injuries caused by impacts or vulnerable scars. They can be worn under sleeves for orthopedic braces or even tattoo coverups. With a sun protection factor of 50+, Limbkeepers are the answer for effective limb protection

Protect arms from scratches with Limbkeepers

89% Polypropylene
8% Nylon
2% Lycra® Spandex
1% Elastic
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ONE SIZE – sleeve length 15″

Fits forearm circumference up to 14″


Care Instructions
Machine wash warm or cold with like colours, no bleach. Tumble dry low heat or air dry.